An Online Ed-Tech Industry App through a call


More Experienced Retirees to empower less experienced students & workers through a private call in real time

The world wide web info is changing very quickly. As the 'LIGHT' is in every single home worldwide no matter how small or big your home might be. The same could easily apply to 'INTERNET' is in every single mobile around the globe. Therefore, 'EXPERIENCE' will be in everyone's hands so it's now & will be up to you to know how to use it! Having ‘AN ACTIVE COMMUNICATION APP’ will empower each one of us while surfing info on internet. Product: I was taught by retired teachers while at High school, College & University; as a result, I became an Engineer/Entrepreneur. Surely, the module can easily be duplicated. It started with me ‘1 person’ so ‘10 people will join’, 100 people, 1 Million people, 1 billion people and so forth. Demand: to get information online nowadays, has increased drastically among all ages. Over 2 Million students are enrolled in online degree courses across the country. Supply: such as Google, Bing, Yahoo are passive (people just consume the information without a discussion in real time) SecretDays: mobile app will be an active communication app (there is a huge opportunity market gap to be filled) Within 5-10 years, we will all be getting info online from search engines around the world and not from books from the library. What will make the app unique? At age 14, almost 20 years ago, I knew that English as a foreign language would be spoken worldwide. Today, I am here writing to you and English is the most spoken language. All information on the Internet will be within 6-8 years time. This app will give some leverage to those students who enroll in online courses to learn and ask questions in real time with expertise in the subject. At the same time, it keeps Retirees' minds up-to-date with some extra cash monthly. Let’s act today.