Bum Butt Wipes & Container


Invest $2k+ and receive 1 container plus 16 single pkgs/rolls of toilet wipes, each containing 120 wipes, upon successful pitch close.

Toilet Wipes & Container idea was created when I was changing my daughter's diaper. I was using the baby wipes and had an epiphany why older adults do not use wipes on themselves? We used baby wipes to make sure babies were totally clean to prevent infections from bacteria. Why not use wipes for adults? That’s when I thought about wipes for adults to make sure adults were totally clean. Wipes placed in a container to keep to the wipes moist & fresh. That was the idea creation of Toilet Wipes and Container 25 years ago. Today you have similar products, being touted as wipes and some form of a container. My idea Toilet Wipes with Container was sent to Kimberly Clark the major manufacturer of toilet paper, wipes and other products. I was rejected by Kimberly Clark 25 years ago and now they are one of the companies making wipes such as Cottonelle flushable wipes. So the wipes are being used, by many people today. I have changed the name of my wipes to Bum Butt Wipes and Container. Bum is a slang term meaning buttocks, a British origin. The Bum Butt Wipes with Container has been designed to provide a more sanitary manner in which to cleanse yourself after urinating or defecating. The wipes will harness an appropriate amount of hypoallergenic and aloe to create a moist, soft tissue that will be comfortable for the user. Oftentimes, not all of one’s waste is cleaned from the rectal or vaginal area. This proposed product will ensure that all of the waste is removed. The wipes will be confined within a moisture contained apparatus that will keep the wipes sanitary, as well as, protected from outside air that will be too arid to keep the wipes’ moisture confined. The dispenser could be operated by battery or manually.