Chinese global real estate investments


BGV (DE) facilitates Chinese global real estate investments. Chinese buyers invest billions of U.S. dollars in overseas real estate.

Chinese property buyers are on the foreign spending spree in the world’s most sought after cities. From New York to London, real estate is seen as a safe place to stash money and a ticket to permanent residency. USD $660 billion of Chinese personal wealth sits offshore. Chinese buyers spent USD$22 billion on U.S. homes last year. Most Chinese invest overseas to escape smog, congestion and exorbitant taxes on real estate at home which make ownership of a property an unaffordable luxury. Prices in China are very, very high exceeding Manhattan prices per square meter. That’s why Chinese buyers are looking for new and lucrative real estate opportunities overseas. We at BGV (DE) identify new global markets where Chinese property buyers can obtain their residency or citizenship based on their real estate investments. We have exclusive marketing agreements for the Chinese market with best real estate developers’ worldwide. As of today, we operate in 10 countries and 15 cities. With 15+ years of experience in the investment immigration industry and in depth knowledge of Chinese lifestyle and culture, we at BGV (DE) provide turnkey solutions to Chinese buyers, taking away the risks associated with buying properties overseas. We function as a wholesaler having agreements with 500+ Chinese retail agencies that have a pool of potential buyers. Our revenues stem from real estate commissions, which usually range between 20%-30%, real estate investment trusts, property management incomes and legal fees. In the first two years of operations we expect to process close to quarter of a billion dollars in real estate transactions. We welcome you to the exciting world of Bright Global Ventures and international real estate. Be a part of this exciting business, think and live globally!