Elastico® Tequila Micro Distillery


Elastico Tequila by the barrel, crafted in front of your eyes!

"If you want to see some sin, forget about Paris. Go to Kansas City."~ Dr. George Miller. Under the rebellious leadership of Pendergast, The Prohibition of 1921 “never happened” in Kansas City. Some of the Veal family ran hooch from Louisiana to Kansas City and did business with the likes of Lucky Luciano. More that 80 years later and now a Silicon Valley resident, Dano Veal, without knowledge of his family’s prohibition history, became an alcohol spirits importer and exporter who fancied tequila. In 2005 Veal launched his own all 100-proof tequila label, Elastico Tequila distilled in Jalisco, Mexico. Kansas City has a rich history and is also the home of the best barbeque in the world. These old roots sprouted new branches and now the Elastico Tequila Grille is the first Craft Distillery in the world that makes 100-proof 100% blue agave liquor.