Every Dog's Neck Deserves Hemp Gear from earthdog!


We make the most comfortable, stylish, eco wares for dogs. Dogs deserve the best, let's grow this puppy.

Looking back on our 20 years neither of us imagined when we started making our first collars for our dogs that we would reach such a milestone. At the time earthdog started we weren't planning on selling anything to anyone, rather enjoying our attempts to provide each of our dogs with a collar that properly represented their unique personalities. Knowing all the amazing attributes of hemp, we had a pretty good sense that it would make for fine dog products and the first prototypes proved us correct. The collars and leashes were wonderfully comfortable for both neck and hand. Add breathable, washable, durable, hypo-allergenic and eco-friendly and we knew we had a winner. While fostering dogs for the Nashville Humane Society who were recovering from a variety of ailments we would return each now healthy dog for adoption with a new hemp collar. When one of the women who worked at the shelter moved over to Nashville's first dog dog boutique she placed what became our first order. Soon after there were many others via pet industry trade shows that fueled our grass-roots growth. earthdog is tried and true and we have a fan base of dedicated customers. It's time for us to enlist some help to reach a lot more of them. Our campaign will give us the opportunity to compete in today's attention-driven marketplace via a public relations campaign as well as help us expand and refresh our current product offerings and fund new product development. The rapidly changing landscape of retail is presenting challenges for both manufacturers and retailers but one thing is certain: dog ownership is growing all the time, dogs are part of the family and people everywhere want the best for them. With your help we can expose them to exactly that for their furry best friend.