Hangovers Suck - Creating Better Tomorrows for All


Intox-Detox is an all-natural herbal dietary supplement that both protects the liver and helps avoid the misery of the morning after drinks.

Hangovers suck. The negative after effect of drinking alcohol is quite literally one of the oldest problems of the civilized world. Despite the popularity of drinking alcoholic drinks and the prevalence of the hangover, no one was addressing the problem with real science. That is, nobody did until Intox-Detox brought science to the drinking table five years ago. Since then, we have accumulated thousands of happy customers all across America. As a small boot-strapping family business, we are looking for further capital to gain more exposure via marketing and to develop new break-the-mold products. For example, instead of Red Bull, imagine mixing your vodka with a tasty uplifting beverage that is actually good for your liver and contains clean sources of caffeine with no artificial sweeteners. And as a bonus it prevents the hangover too! Five years ago, in 2014, we opened up shop and started attending beer fests across America to give out samples of Intox-Detox. It was an instant hit. We currently have customers in almost every state. In 2019 we launched our e-commerce initiative by joining the Build-Grow-Scale Insiders community, which boasts close to two dozen companies who have been coached to earning over $10 million a year from their websites alone! Now, we are raising capital to gain more national exposure and to develop the ground-breaking products we have planned for the future, including a liquid energy shooter, a daily liver detox blend, a product for improving fatty liver (which affects as many as 40% of adult Americans) and the natural liver-protective energy drink mentioned above. Intox-Detox is the best hangover remedy product on the market. We would be honored to have you as a partner to help create better tomorrows for all social drinkers.