Help enable Electric Vehicle road travel in the US


We enable and encourage long distance EV travel by strategically placing fast chargers along routes between popular destinations.

We started this business as a mission after our founder took what should have been a 14-16 hour round trip ... it took 72 hours instead. We saw first hand that there is a true need for our company. Currently there are NO non-Tesla fast chargers in Wyoming, South Dakota, Montana, or North Dakota. While there are currently some slow chargers available, traveling through these states using only slow chargers just isn't feasible. Although fast chargers are available in Colorado and New Mexico, they also have gaps in fast chargers. Our plan is to try to close all these gaps. We are working to strategically install fast charging stations for Electric Vehicles to help enable long distance travel of EVs by reducing range anxiety that EV owners experience when no fast chargers are available. These lower populated target areas ignored by other charging companies create great market domination opportunities for EV Trail. Although we may install fast charging stations in metro areas and slow chargers at key destinations to support our trails or close gaps, our big focus is to build "trails" by connecting points and stops along the key routes. The EV Trail model is to develop a methodology that isn’t dependent on grants or rebates. We will apply for grants as available, but our business model doesn’t depend on them, grants will only accelerate our deployment plans - not make them possible. Our main source of revenue is charging revenue. Our second income source is the sale of advertising on our charging network app and at our charging stations. EV Charging types discussed herein: DC Fast Charging (Fast) 20-30 min charge 120 miles per hour of charging AC Level 2 Charging (Slow) 3-6 hr charge 20-25 miles per hour of charging (Varies due to battery charge states and vehicles)