MyBeerBuddy, an app to find beer specials near you


My Beer Buddy, a free GPS mobile app giving you live info on cheapest beer, Happy hour specials, & Night club promotions nearest you!!

I started this project in 2017 with an idea. It started on Thanksgiving Day 2017, I was going to my aunt's house for Thanksgiving dinner and stopped at a nearby store to buy a 30 pack of bud light to bring for the get together. After dinner, I was invited to a friends house for drinks so I stopped once again to buy another 30 pack of bud light at another store about 1 mile away from first store I had gone to earlier. After buying the 2nd 30 pack, I realized I spent 8 dollars more on the first 30 pack then I did on 2nd one. At that point, I told myself there has to be an app that can give me this information so I don't do it again. As I searched play store I couldn't find anything that would give me lowest price on beer other then downloading specific apps for stores and I just didn't have the time or memory on my phone to do so. At that moment I came up with the idea and soon after the name, My Beer Buddy "wherever I go my beer buddy follows"! I know there are a lot of people that would benefit from this app so they can save and find best deals around when wanting to have a cold beer!