Reclaiming Historical Sites as Local Art Galleries


Returning life to an abandoned historical home through imagery, art, and creativity, all provided by local artists.

Eric and I grew up as childhood friends in the historic town of Miller Place, Long Island, NY. Eric’s family in the Randall House (circa 1841) and mine in the Nathanial Brown House (circa 1845), formally a bed and breakfast which housed tourists during the summer. The two of us have become fascinated with the history surrounding our hometown, evoking a deep passion to continue the story. Through the images I’ve captured, the wood Eric has re-purposed, and our shared partnership interests, we decided to aim for a proper backdrop to showcase our work. We pitched our idea to the Board of Directors of the Miller Place Historical Society, in hopes of gaining access to the Daniel Hawkins House (circa 1810). This location seemed ideal to rejuvenate interest in the town’s history, while providing a recurring revenue stream for the Miller Place Historical Society to add funding and sustainability. The board gave us the green-light to transform the Hawkins House from a former storage-closet to its present state of an art gallery. Since the revitalization in November of 2017; hundreds of Long Islanders have walked through its’ doors, opening a priceless historical cite to the community. Our goal is to use this same model in other communities across Long Island, potentially expanding throughout New York State and the surrounding area. This idea aids in building stronger ties within one’s community by providing a stage for local artists to display their immense talents, enriching and further solidifying the history of the area, while providing historical societies with capital to fund other projects. Help us in turning these historic cites into beneficial entities again for the communities we operate through the power of imagery and art… Peace, Love, & Pictures. M&EG