Revolving Tread Omnidirectional Treadmill for VR


World's ONLY Circular Revolving Omnidirectional Treadmill for Exercise and VR

With the 3D virtual universe becoming ever more popular, important and sprawling, for decades hardware developers have been striving to create devices and mechanisms that enable people to enter into and interface with these amazing new worlds. But the best that they have come up with are joysticks, interactive dancing mats and hand-held video game controllers. Now, with the advent of the OmniPad, people will be able to literally walk or run in any direction through the virtual universe. They will be able to explore all of its many offerings simply by using natural locomotion, as if they are exploring in the real world. The number of potential applications for the OmniPad are as endless and diverse as the virtual universe, itself. The OmniPad will allow people to: • Literally run around inside of their favorite video games • Take walking tours of virtual cities, museums, proposed real estate and fantasy worlds • Exercise by jogging and running around inside 3D virtual landscapes and cities that are created in the likeness of real places, or places only conceivable by the imagination • Train for battle scenarios that employ ground forces • Challenge one another in virtual sports stadiums and 3D running tracks • Walk through and shop in any store or mall in the world without leaving the comfort of their own living rooms • Improve their level of cardiovascular fitness while simultaneously being entertained and driven by interactive 3D environments and real-time 3D characters that interface with the OmniPad user, and learn their training habits • Become more educated by taking a walking tour inside a functioning 3D virtual human body, or a virtual ecosystem complete with 3D plants and moving animals • And the possibilities go on, and on.