Simpkins Electric Bicycles


Manufacturers of Electric Bicycles Providing Best Quality and Best Price For Sustainable Transportation

An electric bicycle will change your life for young and old. Our bikes utilize pedal assist so one can choose to pedal or let the electric motor do the work. Everyone loved their first bicycle. We design bikes for everyone to enjoy and for older people we have the step through design to make it easy to get on and off. So now young and old can enjoy the electric bike, and adventure of enjoying a nice quite ride with a maximum speed of 22 MPH, and a range of 50 miles between charges. We manufacture 6 different models a City Bike, for urban traveling, Mountain Bikes for off road, Cruisers for the beach with 4" wide tires, A Mini Bike with 20" X 4" tires, a folding bike which folds in half to fit in the back of a car, or stored in tight areas like in an apartment, and the last bike is a 1000 Watt off road Mountain Bike, used for hunting, fishing, and camping and features a long range of 75 miles with lot's of power for up hills. Bikes come in 500, 750, and 1000 Watt capacity. All bikes are manufactured with high levels of quality control, and come with a one year warranty. Sold only through a dealer network in the US to insure the customer is taken care of with service and parts. All bikes are assembled for customers at no cost. Simpkins E-Bikes, Inc. does not sell to large discounters. We value the importance of the dealer network and consider them our partners in building a successful business.