SinuSave - DRUG FREE nasal congestion relief!


SinuSave is the only Patented ALL-NATURAL - DRUG FREE - Saline Free DAILY nasal wash safe for use by ages 3 plus to keep sinuses clean.

I’ve suffered nasal congestion most of my life. At age 16 I was hit in the face with a baseball. My nose was broken, my eye sockets bruised and my sinuses became infected. Doctors prescribed all kinds of decongestants and after four years in the US Air Force my civilian doc prescribed nasal sprays. I became dependent on Afrin. A few years ago I was visiting a friend who is an Oral & Maxillofacial surgeon. He noticed my nasally voice and phlegmy cough and asked what I was using. He noted that I was suffering from (ADVANCED) Rebound Effect; in other words; no matter how much or how often I shoved Afrin up my nose; it was doing no good at all. E.g. my body had become immune to its effect. He told me of an essential oil formulation he created for his surgery practice as a mucus solvent and means to dissolve dried blood in post-op patient nasal cavities...because patients complained about saline burning the surgery area. I tried it. In two days I was “off’ Afrin and breathing clear all day; I began sleeping through the night and was no longer waking up coughing from a nasal drip. My waking “Dry Mouth” was gone and I was breathing normally. My sinus headaches diminished to almost nothing. I loved the product so much I bought the patent, trademark, domain and all IP. I have since created four unique formulations as shown; four new trademarks and two new patent applied for. I've not had a cold or flu for the past two years since making the product. Yes, this is anecdotal commentary and not from a formal study; it is compelling nonetheless. It can be confirmed by formal testing. Consumers have purchased more than 4,000 units. Clearly they are pleased to see a true all-natural, saline free ABSOLUTELY DRUG FREE product available about $9 per fl. oz. MSRP. We shall see!