Sinusave-The Drug Free Nasal Congestion Solution


SinuSave is the only Patented ALL-NATURAL - DRUG FREE - Saline Free DAILY nasal wash safe for use by ages 3 plus to keep sinuses clean.

A few years ago I visited a friend who is an Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon. He noted my nasal congestion and asked what I was using for relief; which was Afrin. He said I was suffering from Rebound Effect; i.e.; no matter how much I used or how often I sprayed Afrin up my nose it was doing no good at all. He asked that I try an all-natural essential oil formulation he created for his surgery practice as a mucus solvent and means to dissolve dried blood in post-op patient nasal cavities because they complained about saline burning the surgery area. After a few minutes my sinuses began to clear; in two days I was off Afrin and breathing clear all day; I sleep through the night and no longer wake up coughing from post nasal drip and my “Dry Mouth” is gone. My sinus headaches diminished to almost nothing. I loved the product so much I bought the patent, trademark, domain and all IP. I have since created four unique formulations; four new trademarks and; two new patents are pending adding more moisturize and pure CBD oil. I use SinuSave twice a day every day. I've not had a cold or flu for the past two + years. I could go on about my own experience however that pales in comparison to the Testimonials on our web site. Our customers report attention-grabbing results and I urge you to read their words; nonetheless this is anecdotal commentary. Our plan is to confirm through formal testing. More than 10,000 units have been delivered to consumers throughout the USA. Clearly they are pleased to have a true all-natural, saline free ABSOLUTELY DRUG FREE product to help them Breathe Easier. SinuSave has been approved by the New Hope Network to exhibit at the Natural Product Expos. At $9 per fl. oz. MSRP, SinuSave presents significant value to the consumer and investor.