"The Secret To Perfect Beer Is Perfect Water". BOREALIS is produced exclusively from harvested icebergs off Canada's northeast coast ...

Every year approximately 40,000 massive icebergs calve from the main glaciers in the Arctic north. These bergs are up to 200,000 years old, predating modern man and his pollutants and yielding the only natural water source on earth that is in its original form. This soft, mineral-free water creates a silky smooth, refreshing beer that not only tastes great, it pairs well with most foods and has a shelf-life that SURPASSES ALL other brands on the market. Over the last number of years, we developed a safe harvesting process and created our unique finished product and packaging for testing in world markets, during 2015 and 2016. The response to the brand in our Asian target markets of Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Japan and Australia, has been beyond our expectations. The resulting product and marketing research in these regions created numerous relationships, orders, MOU's and contracts with several large Hotel chains, Retailers, Distributors and their clients. Notable companies including Marriott Hotel Group, Star Cruise Line, Seven-Eleven Stores, Accor Hotels Group, Tops Market, Ritz-Carlton, City Super H.K., plus a long list of bars and restaurants, are current partners for the roll-out of BOREALIS! To create the recognition BOREALIS richly deserves, and to service the huge global demand, we need to rapidly increase our capacity and marketing capabilities! We are excited to be undertaking this funding process and spreading the opportunity. We welcome you, our future investors, in this awesome venture, an opportunity to take advantage of ownership in your own Arctic Adventure! BOREALIS Rare Iceberg Beer - Truly Of The North! ** Please refer to the Link Section for great news on our " Owners Club " starting soon.