THE PLUGSBY HOUSE-A Creative Co-Living Community


"Money never starts an idea; it is the idea that starts the money." - William J. Cameron

Knowing that there are no limits to greatness, success, work ethic and accountability. I am never content, a fire burns inside me to re-educate humanity to contribute more to it; to be selfless, righteous and trustworthy. I had an idea to bring people together from all walks of life, for unique reasons, to co-live/share with privacy. The choice to interact is theirs to choose. The Plugsby House is an impromptu meeting of the minds, discovery, truth and progression. Behind this wonderful vehicle is a person who is always the first one in, the last one to leave and the one who is up making something better while everyone else sleeps. Why? Because I'd rather fail with nothing left to give and I can say at the end of my life, I used everything you gave me. The Plugsby House has all of the tools necessary to be a successful franchise due to its small footprint, relatively low start-up costs, no need for licensed contractors to build out, can be shipped anywhere in the world economically. Anyone with passion for free-thinking will embrace this platform, students at The University of Southern California and USC itself are looking for housing solutions to support their homeless student population. Well, how about an indoor modular structure with a bedroom, a living room, soft memory foam flooring, free Wifi, flat screen, sofa, throw pillows LED soft lighting, indoor shower, fresh flowers and that's just inside every tent, there is another experience outside of their privacy and that is inspiration and support. All for $25 a day, and all done on the app! cashless & stress free. You design your pod, add your amenities, walk in the building and go straight to your modular pod heaven. If anyone can say "I don't want that.", I am in the wrong business. If not, invest right now.